A Happy – Belated – New Year 2012! Toast and Cheers!

Wow! Incredible!

Happy, Happy…joy, joy!

I hope you are all enjoying the start of another year. Incredible! I’ve not been available much to continue blogging these days, especially not with all the changes happening: left and right, every day, every month – CHANGE!

Juggling all that exists is really difficult and trying to maintain composure without losing it has grown to become another life challenge, but I accept it. Life’s throwing a bit of lemons right now, but as the saying goes, “make lemonade.” I may have lost sight of what my purpose, my ambitions are, but I’m back full swing, full steam ahead.

As goals are reset and ambitions abound, so too are the drive and will to do it ALL!

I have many balls juggling in the air right now and while life’s about making lemonade from those lemons, please bear with me as I continue offering what I can about those little reminders of why maggiesmusings exists.

What was that?

Oh. Yes!

My mission statement as a blogger and a reminder – to bring true enlightenment to others. I wish that maggiesmusings.com will be used as a source of cultural enrichment, diversity and education, using global travel as a means to help bridge societies into borderless destinations highlighting our common “human” traits.

Another reminder amid the sea of change this year, I continue to take a different road from my predecessors. I dream of carefully carving my life through creative outlets. If there’s one great lesson today for my young son, I wish to teach him that While gratitude and happiness go hand-in-hand, to truly grasp and live a happy life, a path must be created to reach this goal, including the seemingly long arduous journey with challenges at every corner, but it’s there…if you take it.


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